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Montana Tea & Spice Tea Bags


  • Montana in Your Mug: Montana Tea & Spice brings the unique flavors of the West to every cup with their loose leaf tea blends. Ditch the boring tea bags!
  • Flavorful Adventure: Forget plain tea! High-quality herbs, spices, and botanicals create delicious and aromatic blends that capture the essence of Montana.
  • A World of Choices: Unwind with soothing chamomile (Evening in Missoula) or try a robust rooibos tea with a kick (Montana Gold). Explore unique options or discover new favorites among classic blends.
  • Beyond the Teacup: Spice up your kitchen! Montana Tea & Spice offers gourmet salts, peppers, and seasonings inspired by Montana’s natural bounty.
  • The Perfect Gift: Beautifully packaged Montana Tea & Spice products are ideal for tea lovers, foodies, or anyone who wants a taste of the West.
  • Steep Yourself in Montana: Enjoy a delicious and unique tea experience with Montana Tea & Spice! (Note: Tea is caffeine-free unless otherwise stated).


Hailing from the heart of Montana, Montana Tea & Spice offers a unique and delightful collection of herbal tea blends.

More Than Your Average Cuppa:

  • Forget boring old tea bags! Montana Tea & Spice’s loose leaf blends are bursting with flavor and aroma, crafted with high-quality herbs, spices, and botanicals.
  • Each cup is an adventure for your taste buds, capturing the essence of Montana’s mountains, meadows, and forests.

A World of Flavors to Explore:

  • Whether you’re seeking a soothing chamomile blend to unwind after a long day (like Evening in Missoula) or a robust rooibos tea with hints of cinnamon and orange (like Montana Gold), Montana Tea & Spice has a flavor profile to tantalize your senses.
  • Explore their unique offerings, like the Night on Glacier Bay with its licorice root and citrus notes, or discover your new favorite among their classic herbal and fruit tea blends.

Beyond the Bag:

  • Montana Tea & Spice offers more than just loose leaf tea.
  • Spice up your kitchen with their selection of gourmet salts, peppers, and other seasonings, all inspired by Montana’s natural bounty.

Gifts from the Big Sky Country:

  • Beautifully packaged, Montana Tea & Spice products are perfect gifts for tea lovers, foodies, or anyone who appreciates a taste of the West.

So, steep yourself in the Montana experience with Montana Tea & Spice!

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Evening in Missoula, Five Valleys Chai, Montana Gold, Mountain Huckleberry, Night On Glacier Bay, Purple Mountains Majesty, Wild Huckleberry

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