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Moose Drool Coffeee Blend Bag


  • Like a freshly opened box of quality caramel-crme chocolates. Acidity.

  • Very low acidity with soft hints of spice followed by sweet flavors dominating. Flavor.

  • Long, mouth-filling flavors of caramel, malt, semi-sweet chocolate and brown sugar. Body.

  • Soft, thick, rich with a pleasant fullness. Aftertaste.

  • Surprisingly clean and dry with slight chocolate overtones. Balance.

  • Full body and naturally sweet flavors dominate.

  • 12 oz Bag

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Moose Drool is our take on a classic French Roast. With a sweet, caramel front, and a smooth, mild aftertaste, it is suitable to drink during any part of the day. Flavor Notes of spiced caramel and brown sugar. Moose Drool is just as excellent black as it is with heavy cream or your favorite non-dairy creamer. Roasted just long enough to retain the origins’ flavors, Moose Drool perfectly balances coffee’s natural sweetness with smokey notes born from the roasting process.

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