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All About Rockin Rudy’s

42 Years of Rockin Rudy’s

Described as a “hipster department store,” Rockin’ Rudy’s encompasses 25,000 square feet of product: cards, gift, jewelry, toys, incense, candles, clothing, posters, art, bags, candy, and, of course, music. Rudy’s is in a standalone building that used to be Eddy’s Bakery. Built in the early 1920s, the building sits in a residential area about six blocks from a very vibrant downtown Missoula.

Rudy’s is very active in the local art and music scenes, which are very strong. Also sells tickets to Missoula based events and shows. Missoula rocks; so does Rudy’s. In addition to the main store we have a record store, Record Heaven, with more than half-million records to choose from. We sell and recondition turntables, cartridges, speakers, and electronics. Vinyl rules; so does Rudy’s.

Record Heaven

The biggest collection of New and Used vinyl in Montana! Come by and browse the racks to find that record you’ve always been looking for. Need a turntable to sling some hot wax? Record Heaven has you covered with dozens of new and used audio accessories and turntables! Check out our Online music store to get tunes delivered straight to you door!

Rudy’s Attic

Wall to wall nostalgia at Rudy’s Attic. Whether it’s Sports, music, or pop culture you’ll find a one of a kind piece that you simply can’t live without. Curated by Rudy himself, he’s amassed a collection of some of the most unique vintage pieces you’ve ever seen all under one roof


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