Missoula Top Concert Venues

Q Can I buy tickets over the phone?
A Yes! But there will be an additional $2 per ticket fee for phone sales

Q Can you mail my tickets to me?
A Yes! But there will be a $3 mailing fee for the first class package with a tracking number

Q Do you think the show will sell out?
A We get this question a lot.  Although we can give you a rough idea of how many tickets are left, we have no way of predicting.  If you really wanna go, get your ticket!

Q Why is there a service fee?
A Taking care of ticket sales takes up a lot of time and resources for us.  The small service fee added on to the ticket is the only money we make from selling tickets. The rest goes to the band, the venue and the promoter.  

Q Any good shows coming up?
A We have a link above to all the shows we are selling tickets to. We also have a board in our store, on the left when you walk in. 

Q The show I'm looking for isn't on your list
A We do not sell any Griz Tix.  You can get those through Worden's Market, the UC Box Office or the Kiosk in the mall.  
Also, check the Independent for other event going on.

Commonly Asked Questions

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